Charitable Foundation "Ukrainian Vector"
United to support the Ukrainian army. Every hryvnia collected by the fund is directed towards supporting the defense forces by replenishing their material and technical resources.
Together we are strong
We work every day to make these numbers significantly larger ✊
₴19 838 420
Directed to support the defense forces.
+ 58
UAV Drone-bomber Vampire, DJI Mavic, FPV quadcopters
+55 tone
Humanitarian aid
Food and medical supplies
Transportation vehicles
Restoration of heavy machinery, trucks, and light commercial vehicles
$501 761
Current projects of the Charitable Foundation "Ukrainian Vector"
Current projects of the Charitable Foundation "Ukrainian Vector"
Make your contribution to our collective victory over the enemy!
Your contribution will help us provide soldiers with modern equipment, medicine, and the support they deserve.
The latest projects implemented by our Charitable Foundation
Collaboration with Partners
Our charitable foundation is delighted to collaborate with various partners. Join our community, where forces unite for victory.